Has Democracy Failed to Deliver in Pakistan


Has Democracy Failed to Deliver in Pakistan Essay Outline:

  1. Introduction (what is democracy, purpose, process, effects)
  2. Facts which shows that democracy has failed in Pakistan
  • Low budget allotment for education and mass illiteracy
  • Continuance of dynastic politics
  • Increasing gender inequality
  • Threatening poverty level
  • No national consensus
  • Poor economic growth
  • Massive corruption in every level
  • Poor governance and delivery
  • Absence accountability
  • By name freedom of expression and basic rights
  • No limits and rules for state institution
  • Frail education systems produces “mafia gangs”
  • Meagre public security and welfare
  • Money-Laundering , terrorism and low FDI/sanctions. FDI(foreign direct investment)

3. Areas where Democracy Remained Successful

  • 18th Amendment i. Institutionalization Judiciary ii. Consensus on water sharing
  • 10th NFC Award
  • AML and CFT
  • Freedom of media
  • Control over terrorism
  • Effective measures against corruption
  • Effective measures for tax reforms
  • Bridging the civil military relations

4. Conclusion.


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