Fluctuation in Gold Price in Pakistan


There is no consistency in the market of gold a few months ago it is in the range (45000-55000) Rupees but when PTI comes in power it jumps from 55000 to 85000 probably. And as we live in a society where people do not give importance to the state but only those facts which only effects individual.

       When people realize that the gold prices increases people focus on the gold market and buy more and more gold so that to sold at a high price and make more money but beside they do not know the consequences comes from this type of work. They didn’t know that we are moving to a situation where the survival will difficult and we are now realizing the consequences of what we did.

  The graph shows the statistics of gold prices since Sep 2018 to July 2019.
gold price in Pakistan from Sep 2018 – Jul 2019


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