Corruption in Pakistan


Corruption in Pakistan

  1. Introduction
  2. Causes of corruption in Pakistan
  • Little stress on moral education
  • Low salaries, Poverty
  • Immoral leaders and office-holders
  • Poor governance
  • Absence of Rule of Law
  • Ineffective accountability
  • Unwillingness towards devolution of power
  • Undemocratic political process
  • Negligible role of Media

3. Effects of Corruption

  • Spread of Chaos an uncertainty
  • Tax, Custom, Excise Evasion
  • Little revenue collection and public spending
  • Unbridled poverty
  • Low Economic development
  • Blame game of Politicians
  • Incapable management: poor policies
  • Corrupt social practices develop roots

. Burglary, Theft, Begging, Extremism

  • Bad image of country; low FDI
  • Flight of capital from country

4. Measures to curb corruption

  • Quality education
  • Strengthening democratic process
  • Depoliticizing government institution
  • Unrestrained all level accountability
  • Rule of law
  • Abolishing practices of NRO, amnesty, Plea bargain
  • Strengthening institution, Media and Judiciary
  • Devolution of power

5. Conclusion


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