5 Causes of Dark Circles in your eyes

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Mostly we all have dealt with “dark circles” under our eyes at one point or the another, and while it is easy to blame them on one aspect which is  “lack of sleep”, But  that’s only the thing there are many other factors that might be contributing to that pesky under eye darkness. Let’s we discuss some other issues which may be counter.

5 Causes of Dark Circle

1. Sun exposure

Sun exposure is also one of the cause of dark circles, most often due to fine wrinkles which can give the impression of a skin-darkening effect. Too much traveling in sun and outdoor especially in summer where the temperature is too high can affect the sensitive skin too much. The recommendation in such a case is to use eye serums and eye moisturizing creams etc. to protect from the direct sun rays.

2. Genetics /Hereditary problem

One of the cause of Dark Circles are “Hereditary”. These are caused by a gene inherited from your mother or father are many from both, that presents itself as dark pigmentation under the eyes. These may transfer from your parents to and then your new born ones .

3. Thinner skin

This is again a problem which cause the dark circles. This is again a natural cause or it may be act as a heredity problem.

4. Rubbing your eyes too much

Rubbing your eye too much can affect the eye area in different ways.

When you rub your eyes too much your skin become slightly thicker and darker, Excessive rubbing your eyes too much can also lead you to broken your blood vessels beneath the skin, which cause the darkness of your skin.

4. Work load / Tension

Due to too much tension and work load also lead you to darkness of the eye circles. Taking too much tension due to any reason affect many things in which one of the effect is leading you to dark circles.


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